Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Sorry I have gotten way behind on posting. Last week we had torrential rains all week! My giant flower pots on the front porch filled up to overflowing more than once. Each time I tipped them on their side, drained them, & got all wet and dirty before work. After the second time, that dim bulb in my brain kind of flickered and......

Problem solved! Now, I have a dirty porch problem.

I started planting flower boxes for the second floor balcony. Unsure if they would fit, of course I didn't measure, I only bought one planter. It fit with plenty of room for another. In the mean time... the rain started again. Three days later I planted the second planter. Note to not leave your plants in the basement with no light for three days, all of the flowers will fall off.

Then... we went to Tuscaloosa to give my mom her Mother's Day Present. Hard Labor! She wanted a post and rail fence put up like ours on BOTH sides of her property. She was kind enough to rent an auger for us.

This was my Mother's day present from Ella. Mine came from Lowe's. I couldn't find a link to it, but I thought it was an awesome present!!! Yay!!

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