Monday, March 24, 2008

Ella's Nursery

This weekend, we finished the nursery completely (were still waiting on her mobile). I finished washing, ironing, and organizing all of her baby clothes. Although I have been told that all of my organization wont last very long. All of our bags are packed, thank you cards written, baby books filled out, groceries bought. ANY DAY NOW LITTLE GIRL!!

Happy Easter!

Hopefully these are our final family pictures before Ella arrives!! Easter Sunday, after church, we took these on our front steps. Jason mowed the grass this weekend and I pulled weeds out of the flower beds. I was hoping to motivate Ella into the world but instead I got some work done that I probably wouldn't be able to do once she gets here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Sweetheart!

Here is a picture of Jason at our last childbirth class on March 4th. He said after wearing the belly for a few minutes, he didn't mind tying my shoes! He's my sweetheart!

Belly Pictures!!

We wanted to chronicle how much Ella was growing throughout my pregnancy, so we tried to take pictures every 4 weeks or so. The bruises are from Heparin shots, but they were well worth it!! Our Dr. told us that I didn't have to take them after week 34. So, week 36 looks ALOT better!