Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moss Rock Preserve

Today was BEAUTIFUL!! So we went for a short leisurely hike at Moss Rock Preserve. Is that graffiti? UGGH!

Well it wasn't short or leisurely! We had never hiked there before so we ended up there for about 3 hours. I don't know what that translates to mile-wise on terrain like this. I love those dangling legs!

Ella LOVES being outside. It's so awesome to watch her! She is discovering things for the first time and I love being there to see it!
We stopped to refuel on PB&J!
Hey Jason, turn her around so I can get a picture of her face.
Oh well.
Looking at a leaf during Mommy's turn with the pack. The pack only weighs about 5 lbs. - Ella weighs 21ish. Wooo!
There she is!
And......she's had enough.
Is that MY child sucking her thumb? Yucky! There is no telling where those hands have been today. Hopefully not in any poison oak! I didn't want her to drop her Binky in the woods. Look at me, I'm breaking a sweat, while she's loungin'!
Hooray! We are at my Nonnie's house! I'm free! I can walk!! After 3 hours in a pack, she needed to stretch those legs!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy little things

OK - these pictures just crack me up. She looks like "crouching tiger" Ninja baby, with her nunchucks!HIIIII....YAAAAA!
I'm so silly!
What else is hiding inside of this boat?
You make Mommy so happy!
I finished another sewing project last night. I wanted to try something creative and I found a cute tutorial on felt applique's without a machine here. I love her blog and you will to if you start reading it! Anyway, I found a digital scrapbooking embellishment of a bird that I liked, printed it out, traced it, cut out the felt, and voila! For my first embroidery on clothing, I'm rather pleased. The top is Lucy, by Childrens Corner. It's actually a dress. The pants are a Simplicity pattern I think. I couldn't decide whether to do the ruffle on the pants in the fabric from the top or just use the pants fabric.
I ended up just using the same fabric for the ruffle. Yea! My first ruffle!
Cutie Pie! Yes, that is the balloon from her birthday party 2 weeks ago.

I'm thinking about buying an Embroidery/Sewing Machine. I want a good machine but I don't want to spend a fortune. Also, I know that you need software and if anyone has any experience with any software I would love to know what you think. What are the pros and cons of getting a machine that can connect directly to your computer or getting one that has a computer inside of it. What are the best brands? Any insight would be much appreciated. I have tried googleing "embroidery machine reviews," without much luck.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The fruits of my sewing class labor!

As I mentioned before, I have been taking a beginners sewing class. This romper was the project we worked on in class. I still don't know it fits my doodle bug, I think I will wait until later on this week when its warmer. She doesn't really like to try on clothes, if she's not wearing them that day. Don't look too closely, but all in all, I'm quite proud of myself.

For my second project, I tried a nap mat for Ella. She was just promoted to "wobbler's" in school and they want 1 year old to sleep on these, and stay on the carpet, and feed themselves, and go to the potty....I digress. Anyway, I guess I could have bought one, but this was more fun. I found a free pattern here, from one of my favorite blogs.

I put Velcro down one side so that we could remove the foam for easy washing.

I added tabs at the bottom for easy roll up.
I left the pillow side open, which is unlike the pattern, and inserted a baby pillow that could easily be removed for washing.
I attached a minky blanket for cuddly warmth. (This was the hardest part I might add, that fabric was really hard to sew straight.)
Finally, I added an elastic strap for easy carrying.
Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, I must say, it was much easier than that silly romper. Here is the true test.....

Ding...Ding...Ding...we have a WINNER!!! WOO HOO!
(Mom, you may now beam with pride)

Monday, April 20, 2009


After swinging, we let Ella ride on the 4-wheeler (power wheel), that our neighbor, Kevin Andrews gave us now that his kids have outgrown it. BTW, he also gave us the swing set! I love my neighbors!! Anyway, Ella was having a great time until.....

It was time to go inside for dinner.

Her life is so hard.

Just a Swangin'

Everyday when we get home from work/daycare, we immediately drop everything and run outside to swing before it gets dark or dinner time, whichever comes first. Every time, we have to go inside she has a total melt down. It not only breaks your heart, but it makes you think twice about going out there in the first place. On the other hand, whenever you open a door to go outside, the wiggling and squeals that occur, make it all worth it.

I planted these iris' last July. This is the first time they have bloomed. It stays really wet here so I was really worried about them. I'm totally shocked at the aggressive blooming going on! I have iris' all over the front and they don't bloom like this. Right now, there are more about to bloom, than are already blooming. They make me really happy.

This is my attempt at an organic vegetable garden. I tried this last year too. I have less time this year then I did last year. It looks pretty pitiful. I left them inside too long. Partially, because I planted them too early and partially because I haven't had time to nurture them. Oh well, if it doesn't perk up in a week or two, I will then walk outside, put a seed in the ground, and walk away. Live or die. I don't have time for this.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cheesecake Factory

Jason and I love the Cheesecake Factory, but we've never taken Ella Grace there, just out of sure terror that they wouldn't let us come back. Really, she's only ran us out of two or three restaurants in her short life, but now that she's eating table food, my anxiety is high again. What if there is nothing she can eat? What if she won't sit in the high chair? What if she breaks the dishes or knocks over our drinks? Whew! Really, I should be ashamed of myself. She was an angel! She may have only eaten carbs, but should I really be complaining? She did drop a small dish on the cement floor, but PTL it didn't break! She made friends with the table next to us. She's cutting her eyes at them while she's supposed to be posing for my picture! Poppy came and ate with us too! But, I only take pictures of well behaved little girls! I'm so proud of you sweetheart!

I wouldn't pop that balloon from the B'day party for all the tea in china!