Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ella's 1st Birthday Party

This was the closest we could get to a family photo. There was a lot going on.

I'm soooo glad Leslie was there to tell me to strip Ella down to her diaper before the cake. I probably would have thought it would be too much trouble, but it helped me to relax and let her enjoy her cake. Also, if Leslie hadn't told me to put her hand in the cake, I wouldn't have thought to. Ella and I might have just stared at each other for the next hour. In the end she left the cake in pretty decent condition for the rest of us to enjoy. She's a pretty reserved baby.

This is one of the few smiles of the day. I think everything was a bit overwhelming. Thank you Stephanie for taking pictures for me. We will cherish them forever!
I think the kids had the most fun outside. It was a little cool for those of us not running around. Jason and Jessie, Ethan's dad, hid eggs for Ethan and Cooper and they had a great time hunting them! The girls enjoyed the swing! Presley, Leslie's little girl, had to leave before presents and my brother's kids were unable to be there because they were not feeling good. We missed you guys! Here is a picture of the little group. L to R: Ella, Emma, Cooper, Ethan

There were so many pictures of our day! I think we took nearly 700 - that day alone. Here are a few more:

Happy Birthday to Pop & Poppy (Jason's Dad and Grandad)! We were so glad that you joined us on your birthday, we certainly didn't forget about you! A big thanks to my mom, for helping me with the cake, Poppy, for cooking the burgers & dogs, Cici, for helping us with the yard and cleaning up afterwards. We appreciate you more than you could know!

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  1. Jennifer she is precious. She is getting so big. Can't believe she is 1 already. She is beautiful though.