Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy little things

OK - these pictures just crack me up. She looks like "crouching tiger" Ninja baby, with her nunchucks!HIIIII....YAAAAA!
I'm so silly!
What else is hiding inside of this boat?
You make Mommy so happy!
I finished another sewing project last night. I wanted to try something creative and I found a cute tutorial on felt applique's without a machine here. I love her blog and you will to if you start reading it! Anyway, I found a digital scrapbooking embellishment of a bird that I liked, printed it out, traced it, cut out the felt, and voila! For my first embroidery on clothing, I'm rather pleased. The top is Lucy, by Childrens Corner. It's actually a dress. The pants are a Simplicity pattern I think. I couldn't decide whether to do the ruffle on the pants in the fabric from the top or just use the pants fabric.
I ended up just using the same fabric for the ruffle. Yea! My first ruffle!
Cutie Pie! Yes, that is the balloon from her birthday party 2 weeks ago.

I'm thinking about buying an Embroidery/Sewing Machine. I want a good machine but I don't want to spend a fortune. Also, I know that you need software and if anyone has any experience with any software I would love to know what you think. What are the pros and cons of getting a machine that can connect directly to your computer or getting one that has a computer inside of it. What are the best brands? Any insight would be much appreciated. I have tried googleing "embroidery machine reviews," without much luck.


  1. I got a brother machine for christmas. I bought a $60 computer program called sew what pro to open my files and all of my designs I have bought and downloaded on my computer. So I only by the individual designs I want that way they are $2 to $5 a piece and not $20 for a set of designs. The machine is super easy to use and the designs look good. Also you might enjoy this website It has great patterns for all kinds of stuff. You outfit turned out so cute!

  2. My machine is the Brother PE-750D.