Thursday, May 28, 2009


I really appreciate the comments left after my last post, I know everyone has the same feelings from time to time. I hope my list didn't come across whiny or unappreciative. I have a wonderful life and I am abundantly blessed! I really just wanted to get the clutter of my thoughts down on "paper" and out of my head. I'm a list type of girl. First I have to visually see the list....not just in my mind, prioritize, and make a plan of action! Get busy, or in some cases get patient, and let God provide for my wants and needs where He sees fit. Some of those "wants" were just silly and unrealistic. I think every mother (or woman for that matter) has, at one point, wanted to be super-mom, super-wife, and super-me! We all want our lives to be fulfilling to ourselves and our families. It's not possible for us to get even close to the perfection that we aspire to...but doesn't mean you don't try. Sometimes you just have to step back, regroup, and strategize on where your headed.

Here was my plan, it's not long term, it's not life changing (or maybe it is), but I needed a change.

Step 1 - I bought a sewing/embroidery machine. Its not the Bernina I dreamed of, it's the Singer CE-250. It does most of the same things for ALOT less money! Hopefully now I can mark off #4 on my list. Additional posts on this to come....

Step 2 - Revamped our budget. I keep spreadsheets and I use quicken. It helps me keep our finances organized. I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey and we've been working the steps for a while now, but we still have quite a ways to go. (#19 will hopefully soon be checked)

  • I moved enough around so that we could give the PROPER tithe. 10%, not just what we could spare. (Wow, when we dropped that first check in the offering plate, I can't describe the joy and freedom I felt. Worship was especially good Sunday as well.) It certainly was a good first step. As with anything you need God to help you with, talking to him, is always the best approach. (#20)

Step 3 - I committed to start P90x with my husband. It's a 90 day workout/meal program. He's starting over just for me (he was about 40 days into it), so if I drop out he will be furious with me. Also, I have decided to post about the program. I need to feel a responsibility to fulfill my commitment. I certainly don't want to post that I dropped out! (#16, although it won't be effortless.)

Step 4 - It's summer YAY!! So there's nothing on T.V anyway. Except, "So you think you can dance" So now is a good time to get used to living without the TV. Right now we only watch it from 9-10:30pm anyway. Ella goes to bed at 8, workout till 9, bed by 10:30. Still, I would like to read or talk to Jason or Sew during that time (#4,22,&7, woohoo!)

Step 5 - I have had several offers to start a sewing group, and orienteering (not quite geocaching, but still outdoorsy and fun). I plan on following through with those as well. (#11)

Step 6 - Currently, (fingers crossed) planning a caving trip. LOVE IT!! I will also count this towards my need for an (#8,28)

Step 7 - Well, this is not actually a step. Ella has FOREVER only wanted Jason and not really wanted me. But she would blow kisses. OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED....not that I'm gloating, it's definately my turn. Not only is she Momma's baby, but I get kisses on the lips. Jason still gets them blown to him. Now if we could just work on the "I love you." I know its coming soon. (#21)

The rest of the list will just have to wait.

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