Monday, May 25, 2009

Jenny...come quick...bring the camera!

The 21st of May was our 4th anniversary. We had made plans to get out of town, do some hiking, and lounge around. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, our plans were cancelled. It was really OK though, because we would have had to drive over 6-8 hours to get out of the rain bubble that was(is) covering the southeast. We ended up taking Ella to my mom's Friday night. Saturday, we slept late, saw a movie (Terminator - pretty good), went to dinner, then rented more movies (The Happening - disappointing, & Seven Pounds - good, but I figured out the plot in the first 20 minutes). Yes, we are boring, but it was so nice just to lay around on the couch! Sunday after church, we drove to Tuscaloosa to get Ella and grill out with my mom for memorial day. Later that night, we watched ANOTHER movie, Twilight - sorry Stephanie, I liked it. It felt so good to pick up my baby after being away from her for 2 nights. She seemed happy to see us as well, but was REALLY craving our undivided attention, which led to whining and total devastation! That trend continued on Monday, as we tried to go shopping. OH MY GOODNESS, I couldn't find sizes while making sure she didn't hurt herself, run away, pull everything of the shelves, etc, etc. I'm more exhausted now than I was before the weekend. That's what happens when you sleep in two mornings, your body forgets how busy you usually are, and punishes you when you have to get busy again! All that said, she really is an angel. She was playing so sweet and singing in her room before bedtime. I heard Jason call for me to bring the camera. She had tossed her babies out of their baby bed and had crawled in, singing "Rock, rock, rock."

What a sweet picture. It's too bad her hair was all in her face.
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