Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Einstein Puppets

Ella now knows what ALL the puppets "say." The dog says "woof, woof." The duck says "quack, quack." The monkey says "oooo, aaahh." The goat says "baaa." The dragon says "blah." And the cow says "mmmmm," close enough. We took three puppets with us to the doctor Monday. It was a great idea! She did a show for everyone in the waiting room and the nurses once we got called back. She had a puppet on each arm when they weighed her and she stood perfectly still. I was so proud of her I forgot to ask how much she weighs. She didn't like it when the doctor looked down her throat but she liked to look down the cows throat!! She did great, even though she didn't feel very good. Diagnosis: Croup. I feel like I am always posting that she is sick....(sigh).
From 7-19-09
Unfortunately, MeeMaw did not have enough hands to satify Ella.
From 7-19-09

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