Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

As promised, here are our Pumpkins. This is as good as it gets at our house folks! I'm saving that third one to make "Pumpkin Bake." I'm sure my MIL won't mind me sharing the recipe!! I have been thinking about it for weeks. It is so good!

I will post the recipe soon.

From 10-31-09

My Darling Raggedy Ann! I could just eat her up!

From 10-31-09

We never could get her separated from her snack!

From 10-31-09

Oh well, she still loves the camera.

From 10-31-09

Our first stop Halloween night, was Glen Haven Nursing Home. We stopped to visit my Grandmother (my Dad's mother).

From 10-31-09

She is in the rehab unit and I don't really know how that differs from the residential patients, but that place was immaculate! MawMaw is there trying to rebuild some of her strength before she goes back home. She has stage 3 dementia but she knew all of us! She may be declining physically but her spirits were up! Babies do that to us adults!

From 10-31-09
It was good to see her. I hope we can get back for a visit soon!
From 10-31-09

We left Glen Haven and went to Lakewood Baptist, to meet up with my brother and his family. From 10-31-09

Aunt Erin and Ella.

Erin is getting over Encephalitis and Spinal Meningitis! Can you believe it? Please keep her in your prayers though, the doctors did find a small aneurysm. She will be going to a neurosurgeon soon to find out if she needs surgery.

Haley was The Cat in the Hat, Luke was the fish.

This was Ella's first "trick or treat" experience. She totally GOT IT. She managed "twick or tweet.............."

"tank you"

From 10-31-09

She loved the Candy Land exhibit!

Luke is eyeing his loot!

From 10-31-09

Isn't this the cutest Cat in the Hat you've ever seen?

Ella adored Luke. All night she tried to hug him and kiss him. She wanted to hold his hand but finally resigned to hold Mommy's.

From 10-31-09

Haley loved giving hugs too!

There were lots of games set up for kids that were a little bit older. Ella still won us a strawberry Sunkist!

She waited her turn, she listened to the instructions, and put the ring over the bottle!

I'm not just bragging because shes my child. Really....she never ceases to amaze me!

Then cousin Luke did the same thing! Good Job Lukie!

At the Beverly Hillbillies booth, she had to give the doggie a kiss.

Then the three wild Indians got into the bouncy house. OK, they are kind of small, but they wanted to bounce too! Big kids are scary! I wanted to snatch them all up for not being careful around those babies! Help......get us out of here! I had them all pinned up against the wall :( Poor things!

From 10-31-09

Erin's sister's kids were Thing 1 and Thing 2. Too cute!

Raggedy Ann had had enough!

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