Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pass the peas please!!

I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!! She prefers to play on her stomach, which is a totally new thing. Just a few weeks ago, she would cry after a few minutes on her stomach. Now, if I lay her down on her back, she just rolls over and trys to reach for toys. We had to take her to the doctor the other day because she had a rash. It turned out to just be baby exzema. Poor thing she is just like her DADDY!! She has been well lubricated and is taking less baths and the rash is pretty much gone! Also, she has started baby food. She really doesn't like the cereal.. She cries and gags when we give it to her. (I think its because of the texture) So we started with a vegatable. She tolerates the peas much more than the cereal, but still will only take a few bites. She wants to get her food much faster! I can tell she is eating them though because of the resulting diaper. It smells like horrible rotten peas. I made Jason change the first one.

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